Earth Engineering Consultants (EEC) regularly performs testing of soil and aggregate in our laboratories. EEC’s laboratory has attained accreditation through AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL).  Our accreditation can be viewed at

Laboratory testing of soil provides EEC engineers the necessary information to allow for evaluation and modeling of site conditions and soil responses. EEC also provides as-needed testing for our clients for delivered samples. Routine testing of soils includes but is not limited to moisture content, visual classification, Atterberg limits, washed sieve analysis, moisture-density curves, swell-consolidation, unconfined compression, permeability, R-value, soluble sulfate, resistivity and hydrometer tests. We also offer a much wider range of testing upon request.

Laboratory testing at EEC is routinely carried out to evaluate the physical properties of aggregate for use in concrete, aggregate base, and asphalt. The testing referenced by ASTM C33, the Standard Specification for Concrete Aggregates, and testing required by Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), can be provided by EEC.